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Are You in Over Your Head with the IRS?

Fix Your Tax Problem is a licensed nationwide tax firm providing negotiation services to individuals and companies who have outstanding tax liabilities owed to the federal and state governments.

We utilize Licensed Enrolled Agents who specialze in representing tax payers who cannot pay or who have not filed their taxes. We have over 17 years experience and thousands of successfully resolved cases.

Call Fix Your Tax Problem today to get your confidential free Tax Solution Evaluation done right over the phone. You will be treated respectfully and with dignity.

We can't help with child support garnishments, child support judgements, creditor judgements, credit cards, student loans or other types of non-tax garnishments or judgements.

There are in most tax cases only a few viable options to negotiating an acceptable tax resolution. our TRP (Tax Resolution Program) will ensure you find the tax solution that is right for you. Our Tax Guide for the journey is a system called DERIC.

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We've helped thousands of people settle their tax debts for a fraction of the amount owed.
Diagnose your tax problems and evaluate your current situation
Explain your options in plain, understandable language
Recommend a solution our experience shows would best fit your needs
Implement the action plan and keep the collection actions away until the tax solution has been successful
Completion - Celebrate the end of tax problems and get a fresh financial start. Fix Your Tax Problem has a great Prosperity

Program that includes personal and business planning programs designed to get you back on the road to financial health and well being.

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Ok, Again bob, geeezz i haven't been able to eat correctly since this news, I’m excited and and so joyful! I have so much love in my heart for your honestly and all of you and your teams hard work i can go on and on . I would like to share it with YELP too

I came to Bob and the team way back in 2006. I had a huge tax problem made up of financial hardship and not filing my taxes and had no money to make payments on that debt.  I was very much scared to talk to the IRS myself and honestly had no idea where to start. I can remember the first time Bob and I spoke but more specifically, I remember the feeling of calm that came over me about my situation based on the knowledge that this man shared with me regarding my situation and how he would help me, not only with my tax issues but help me to be able to afford his help by assisting me in a payment plan.

After a few discussion and a light amount of paperwork, I was assured that I can feel safe that there would be no garnishments from the checks that paid for my apartment and bills, but that there also would be no fear  that someone was going to come to my door taking anything that belong to me. On my mind and heart I knew I had to get this debt from under me. I called Bob and we went over several options and the best one for me was to submit a OIC (Offer In Compromise) . Like before I was scared. I had heard a lot about scams regarding so called tax professionals scamming people desperate to get help with their tax situation and submitting OIC’s that would likely get rejected and although I trusted Bob at that point based on what he did previously, I was still scared of this being a problem. I thought to myself how I barely could gather the funds needed to cover an OIC but from what I had heard from reading the internet supposedly  there was only a slight chance the IRS would except.

Bob and his team talked me through everything, they once again assured me that they would not submit an OIC unless I would in fact qualify, they helped me to gather all the documents necessary and told me step by step how this would all happen and the time frame it would happen in.

My end result, 42, 000 in tax debt settled for $5,000!  Everything  happened the way Bob and his team explained, in the order in which they assured me and the time frame in which they explained. Ten days after I’ve received my good news, I’m still very much in disbelief that now I can go on to live my life free of IRS debt and onto walking a different life financially. This changes everything in my life and I can’t thank Bob and his team enough for all their hard work and patience with me as a scared consumer.  I trusted them with something huge in my life and they came through, they are honest, caring, nurturing individuals and they have my business for life.


Tiaish | California

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