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Bank Levy

Has Your Bank Account Been Frozen By The IRS or State Taxing Agencies?
Fix Your Tax Problem and get your bank account back!

A Bank Levy is a tool used by the "enforced collections" department to collect back taxes owed -

Both the IRS and State Taxing agencies use the method.

An IRS bank levy is a "one time" levy of funds that are in the account at the time that the bank receives the levy notice - The bank is instructed to hold or  freeze these funds for 21 days then they send the funds to the IRS.

State agencies have different usually shorter holding periods.

The Levy can be released during this holding period - but only under certain circumstances.

The Experts at Fix Your Tax Problem have released hundreds of bank levies and gotten their clients monies returned to their accounts.

Fill out our contact form and get your bank account back or call 888 999 0744 - You Will Get Immediate Compassionate Help.

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