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What is a Tax Lien and How Does it Affect Me? How Can I Get It Removed? Why is it on my Credit Report? Can I Still Get a Loan on my Liened Property?

What is the Difference bewteen a LIEN and a LEVY?
The IRS and State Taxing Authorities issue tax liens to protect the governments' interest in unpaid taxes owed. These tax liens are a matter of public record and are filed with the county clerk from which you or your business operates. Many times these tax liens can destroy your good credit and make it difficult or nearly impossible to borrow the very funds you may be seeking to settle the tax debt and help improve your business.

Many times these tax liens can be prevented from occurring by having Fix Your Tax Problem Representatives help you get into tax compliance. Levies and liens are usually the taxing authorities last resort in collection. We can help you remedy this threatened course of action.

If you have received IRS or State tax notices of intent to Levy or Lien, contact us today for your free telephone tax consultation. Stopping them before they occur is much easier than removing them in the aftermath.

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