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Wage Levy

A Tax Levy or Wage Garnishment as it is often referred to from the IRS or State taxing authorities is an aggressive action issued to your bank, you and your spouses' employer and or your clients accounts payable divisions to collect all the monies owed you or held in trust for you and pay over to the Tax Levying Authority, up to the limit of the amount owed on the levy issued.

This action can freeze the funds in your bank accounts, remove wages from your paycheck, and make your clients fork over the proceeds from the billings you have sent them.

The Effects can be devasting! We can get Your Paycheck Back! Your Bank Account Monies Returned!

If you receive a notice of intent to levy or suspect you might have, (some taxpayers don't open IRS or State notices out of fear or disgust or denial) then call our Office to set up a free telephone consultation.

Fill out our contact form or call Us At (888) 999-0744. Get Peace of Mind!

Get an Affordable Solution to Your Tax Problems and Free Compassionate Expert Evaluation. We Can Only Assist with TAX related Garnishments Sorry.

We Can Help With IRS or Any State Tax Levy

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