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Bob and the team at Fix Your Tax Problems went way beyond fixing my past tax problems.

Thank you Bob Crane, Ivana Gvozdic, John Bove and Ed Smith at Fix Your Tax Problems Inc.. My tax problems began well over a decade ago. Legal problems from a bad divorce while being a small business owner was a sure recipe for financial disaster. From delinquent and incomplete tax payments to years not filed, not to mention the liens and levy’s the IRS had imposed, I had it all… It felt like I was in a completely hopeless situation. After my first conversation with Bob Crane at Ameritax (back then) I could feel a sense of relief and confidence that everything was going to be alright. He was patient and sympathetic to my situation but stern in making sure that I stuck with what he felt was the best way to approach my tax problem. This is exactly what I needed since I was clueless about the complexity of the tax predicament that I was in. Bob was able to keep the IRS at bay while I worked through my train wreck of a life. Ed and John did a great job in filing all my past and present taxes throughout the years. Fast forward nearly 14 years and I’m happy to say that Ivana (Total Rock Star) submitted an Offer in Compromise that was literally less than pennies on the dollar and after a counter by the IRS my tax liability went from about $140k down to $2352… The day John called me with the news, I was in total disbelief as to how this could be true. Holy #%&# … Amazing!!!! Still pinching myself.

Bob and the team at Fix Your Tax Problems went way beyond of fixing my past tax problems, they educated me throughout the whole process and the importance of staying current with quarterly estimated payments.

Thank you so much Bob, John, Ivana and Ed for getting me back my life and preparing me for a fresh start.

I like to believe that everyone should get a second chance, I just never thought I would get one when it came to this.

Tim M. ~ California
What a relief. He not only handled it, but walked me through everything I needed to know.

It isn’t often that I write a testimonial, but Bob Crane is truly deserving of the highest praise. I’m a successful businesswoman who’s been working on an unresolved IRS issue for a several years with no success. I finally contacted Bob and he literally took care of my problem in a day (yes, a day!). What a relief. He not only handled it, but walked me through everything I needed to know. I wouldn’t hesitate for a minute to recommend Bob and his company and he’ll be the first person I’ll call if the need arises.

Debra Del Fiorentino ~ Petaluma
Fix Your tax Problem made me feel like I was on a winning team. I was excited for my family's future.

Due to my own ignorance and being frozen by the overwhelming magnitude of my tax mess I ended up calling fix your tax problem, inc. I went from military income to a high paying job in the merchant marine all good except I never changed my tax exemptions. I ignored it for a few years, overwhelmed. I wasn’t being careless or childish, I just didn’t know where to start. Or how. I hired an accountant who got me squared away and then we could see my mess clearly. Lynn Smith at S.O.S recommended FYTP. I spoke with Bob Crane and he didn’t make lofty promises but instead was honest and direct. He had a plan for me and a good record of success. I felt hope for the first time in a long time. Mr. Crane had a plan, he explained it to me, I agreed. This wasn’t ‘pay zero for a million dollar tax mess’ but a realistic and attainable goal. Mr Crane handed me over to Ivana. She was now my contact, she would give me assignments of documents to gather or fill out, when I did I’d upload them to their system. The transparency of this company is amazing , everything we did was on the server and I could see it 24/7. Ivana John and Cheri have a history with and a depth of knowledge of the IRS that is unmatched. They understand what they need and want. Fix Your tax Problem made me feel like I was on a winning team. I was excited for my family’s future. As a customer you are going to work, they need your help to win, but if you do as they ask, as soon as possible your case progresses quickly for the government. Without giving my specifics FYTP got my bill down 65k. My final bill was now surmountable. IRS gave me 5 months to pay it off. It wasn’t easy, I had to really change my management of money and grow up a bit. But now thanks to FYTP I have no one haunting me, my life is squared away and peaceful. Stop hesitating, make the call, find peace. Thank you.

T 'Oneil ~ California
Happiest guy in Idaho!!

Bob and his team (John and Ivana) have been helping me with my Offer and Compromise for a few years and I cannot express how highly I recommend their services for anyone needing help with their taxes. They have given me invaluable advise on how I can better manage my finances in order to avoid overpaying for taxes. In the end, they guided me through a foreclosure and were able to settle a large tax debt for less than 2% of the debt!

Hiring FYTP was one of the best investments I’ve ever made. The money I saved through the OIC was more than 6 times more than the legal fees!

Happiest Guy in Idaho!!

Demien R. ~ Idaho
I would strongly recommend him to all my friends and family

Bob was absolutely amazing!! Made me feel so at ease and took complete control in making all my issues get resolved. Thank you so much, I would strongly recommend him to all my friend and family.

Audrey M. ~ California
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